Mount Mayon

Timelapse of Mayon Volcano

The Mayon Volcano at it’s perfect weather. Best to explore during summer time of the Philippines. You can rent an ATVs around the Cagsawa Ruins area. I don’t have the update for the price list of the ATVs services because this is just a throwback entry since Mayon Volcano is very active. Alert Level 3 has been raised around the area. As of this moment tourist flew in and out the Albay to witness the glowing lava at night. Albay can be accessed via airplanes to Legazpi or by land transportation from Manila. Come and Visit the Perfect Cone of Mayon!


Cagayan de Oro – Bukidnon – Camiguin – Iligan (3days itinerary)


Day 0

 (Arrival CDO)Kuya Chris – 09059539360

(for land travel services I recommend this guy)

114.29 each – Van from airport (800 for 7 pax)
Day 1 (CDO -Bukidnon)

Del Monte Pineapple Farm
Day 1 

Cagayan de Oro – White Water Rafting

Bukidnon – Dahilayan Adventure Park

Great White Water Tours – 0917 706 0677

(suggest kuya Chris as a Driver -09059539360)

Dahilayan Adventure Park Zipline Fees – Three Stages

Water Rafting with 21 rapids

With complete gears

1 lunch / 2 snacks / 1 dinner

 500 Photo-Video in a CD

All in package for 1 day = 2130/pax

Day 2 (Camiguin)

3am Pick up time at hotel

 206.43 – day 2 Accomm 1445 for 7pax

500 – van to balingoan port v.v, 3500  

170 – Ferry ticket to Camiguin

15 – environmental fee to camiguin

214.29 – multicab (camiguin tour) 1500 

Kuya Rodel – 09362494760 or ask kuya Chris for the recommended multicab driver

28.57 – entrance katibawasan falls


30 – entrance ardent hotspring

146.43 lunch at checkpoint *

129 – boat rental to white island (900, 2 boats for 7 pax) * 450 each boat

 20 – each, environmental fee (white island) *


 185 – Ferry ticket + environmental fee to balingoan port *

93 petso (inasal) dinner

Day 3 (Iligan)

206.43 – day 3 Accomm 1445

528.57 – Van from Cdo-Iligan-Airport 3700

(Chris – 09059539360)

50 each – Entrance tinago falls

10 each – balsa tinago

  14.29 each – guide tip tinago 100

7.15 table tinago 50 pesos

45 each Christina falls entrance 

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s Mansion

15 driver’s meals (breakfast and lunch)

65 lunch pork belly

Total expenses: 5271.61 (5272)

Seven days of Experiencing Batanes

๏ปฟBatanes Group of Island

A Seven days of Experiencing Batanes
Batang Island
Basco Batanes Airport
Tourism office
Shanedel’s Inn and Cafe (450php/pax/night)
Lunch at Kusina ni Loring
Rent A Bike (Amboy’s Hardware, 25php/hour)
Basco Oval
Vulugan Beach
Naidi Rolling Hills
Basco Lighthouse
SDC Canteen for dinner
Socials (beer)
Lights off
Breakfast set 180php (mahal!)
6-6:30am Boat to Itbayat Island (php400/pax)
Itbayat Island
Tricycle to Diera Homestay (300php/pax/night)
Local Government Office Registration fee of 120php
Nanay Cona’s Homestay for short briefing
Lunch at the adjacent canteen
Tricycle tour package: 2000php whole day
Tricycle driver/Tour Guide fee 1000php
Health Center 
Torongan Cliff
Torongan Cave
Old Houses
Fishing port
Dinner by request 200php/pax full meal ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Social (ako lang eh hahaha)
Lights off
Breakfast by request (200php/pax) full meal ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
10:30-11:30am Depart of Faluwa to Basco (380php fare)
Lunch at
6-8 Panciteria (serving a patil batung and other ilocana dishes by Jen)
Met Oliver Javier (๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ )  0920-8855-643 *recommended tricycle driver.
Shot shot shot
Bound to Ivana (200php tricycle, other option is jeepney but with time interval)
Ivana Tour by walk
Villa Bella Homestay (250php/pax/night) old house
Old Spanish Bridge
Bahay ni Lakay
Honesty Coffee Shop
Port for sundown
For Dinner no Available karinderia (either ask your homestay for the meal or have a can goods)
Socials at the store of Kuya Oli’s sister (dibang and camote, brandy)
Lights off


๏ปฟDay 4
Off to Port
Breakfast at Honesty Store
6-7am Depart to Sabtang Island (75php/pax)
Tourism office (pay fees and Try their local tea)
Tricycle tour good for 3pax(1300-1500 standard rate) 
Please contact:   Ismael 09394750654
Morong Beach
Fishing Village
Light house (entrace fee of 50php per pax)
Lunch at the house of out tourguide Ismael (served with buko)
Nanay Maring Homestay/ Harold (150php/pax/night) old house/native ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Tour around the Village
Dinner set by ate Linda (250/pax, with coconut crab) ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Lights off
Early Morning Coffee outside the traditional house (perfect)๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
6-6:30am depart from Sabtang To Ivana (75php/pax)
Breakfast Honety Store
South Batan Island tour by Kuya Oli  1500php regular package (ask for a discount)๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Marlboro Hills
Lunch courtesy of Kuya Oli ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
White Beach
Blue Lagoon
Mahatao Town
Shelter Port
Viewing Point
Basco Welcome Arc
Marfel Homestay (350php/pax/night)๐Ÿ‘
We stayed at Pajudpud Homestay (350php/pax/night) 09072828642 / 09995532531 ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Rent A bike
Biking session before sunset at the Runway till dark
Koocharah Pizzeria with the dorm mates. (Alex and Omar) 
Socials at the homestay with Kuya Oli and Veverle
Night tour around the town
Lights off


Breakfast (75php/pax by Mrs. Pajudpud) ๐Ÿ‘
Biking Session around the town of Basco
Remaining North Batan Tour by Batoda
700php Carmel Church,
Pagasa Observation site (with tour), 
Pundacion Pacita (not recommended for bufget travelers, but the art displays were good)
Japanese Tunnel
Meryenda, siopao ala batanes
Biking Session again
Buy souvenir and pasalubong
Back to Homestay
Biking to Basco Church to
Kaychanarianan View deck for sunrise 
Despedida at 6 to 8 Panciteria
House of ate Jen (Panciteria owner)


๏ปฟDay 7
Ayoko pa umuwe. Amg sakit ng ulo ko.
Checkin at Basco Airport (first flight)
Jollibee at Naia3 
Total expense per pax -8000php; group of 3, 7days.

My on the spot itinerary guide to: Mt. Kofafei, Maligcong, Bontoc, – Banaue- Batad Rice Terraces

Rice Terraces Hopping

Video: click here

Depart from Manila to Baguio 9pm (php475.00??)

2:30am-arrival Baguio
3-5am waiting time (Slaughter house)
5am-Depart Baguio to Bontoc, First Trip(174.00)
11am-Arrival Bontoc (tour around, Bontoc Museum is nearby)
12noon double tire jeepney to Maligcong halfway (php10.00**) because of the on going road public transpo (9am,10am,12noon,2pm,4pm) experience topload seats.
After about 10-15minutes ride you will walk for about 5-10minutes uphill, then another jeepney ride (php15.00 for another 15-20minutes ride) **+php5.00 to the foreigner visitors
ARRIVAL @ Suzette Homestay (300php per pax per day) 2 rooms only with 2 comfortable single bed each room. Meals are in set of 150.00 per meal.
Rest and Socials
May opt to go to rice terraces, but sunrise is still the best time to witness.
Guides are contacted by Manang Suzette-(0915) 546 3557 (php300.00 usually)
She will recommend you activities to make like orange picking or more aside from Mt. Kofafey hike.

3:30am Wake up call.
9am Depart from Maligcong
10am Bontoc
Bruch at Bontoc (Goldfishes cafe)
You can have Sagada or Banaue for the next trip (waiting to fill the van for atleast 10pax)
-Van to Banaue (php150.00, 1-1.5hours travel time)
-Jeepney to Sagada (php15.00?) 45minutes
2:30pm Banaue arrival (php20.00, tourism, environmental fee, orientation)
3:00pm public transpo jeepney to Batad (saddle) (php15.00 for halway ride again because of the road construction)
Walk up hill the muddy trail for 10-15minutes
Jeepney halway to other way and Batad are awaiting. (Php30.00)
-in the event you didn’t catch the public rides you will have to pay 150 per pax on a tricycle
-or you may get the package of tourism at 600php, 9am assembly in Banaue, guides and transpo are included)
Walk from the end of pavement up the viewpoint is about 30-45minutes.
Registration (php20.00)
6pm arrival at Mang Ramons Homestay (php250.00php for standard room per night per pax,450php for nipa hut per pax)
Foods nothing special. Except the red dark rice of Ifugao. Php150 for meal, 70php for bottled water

Wake up call at 5:30am -seize the moment
6:30am Tappiya Falls (45minutes and stayed there for about 10minutes, it’s a falls LOL!)
8:30am breakfast and preparation
—Public Transpo going out to Batad 9am!!!!
—-i hitched with the other group so My call time will be waived ๐Ÿ˜‰
11am Batad Saddle
Late noon arrival at Banaue
Banaue Viewpoint (150php tricycle)
Coffee time while waiting for 7pm trip to Manila
Back to Tourism (php10.00)
Bus to Manila (450php?, 6:30pm, 7pm, 7pm)

Arrival at Manila 3:30am

To blog this soooooon….




Hello Pilipinas, Hello World

After a long long time of making this compilation of place where I’ve been. I finally share it to you.

Not that perfect and awesome presentation. Hope it can influence to go and explore the Philippines. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘


Apo Reef of Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro

I had an amazing time in Apo Reef, Grand Apo Island and Pandan Island.

My story….. Will be uploaded soon.

But let me share you to our Contact Guide:
He can make your trip cheap, less hassle, organized, fun and meaningful.
Jheremy Daingdingan
+63 907 253 7405

not my phot



Double the A’s: Asik-Asik Falls

IMG_9541.JPGDecember 2013:
Don’t tell my parents that I’ll be in Zamboanga.
Don’t tell my parents that I’ll be in Basilan.

And in August of 2014
Don’t tell my parents that I am all alone at Cotobato.

Despite the bad news we are hearing from the radio; watched and read in our daily primetime newscast and newspaper; I still wanted to go in those places. Not because that I am a hardcore traveler or a suicidal adventurer; but because of what I can see in those places. Yeah I must admit that it was a risk but I don’t mind it.

Donde Si Jepโ€™s way:
A day before my trip, I had a lot of change of plans and routes. I am not a kind of traveler who always had a written itinerary or any hotel resevations prior to my trips. So thanks for the help of my friends namely Glen of Escape Manila, Mow Kalim and Gerald Germones, somehow I had a route.


Spent a night in Garden City of Samal with Jay, Glen, Mark and Rubi, again not my original plan but because its Jayโ€™s birthday so I decided to with them. Overnight, I finally decided that I will go to Cotobato City. But wait there’s more; it’s not a final until I my feet landed over. From Sassa Wharf we get to SM City Davao – Ecoland, be sure not to be mislead by the other SM which is SM City Lanang. SM-Ecoland have the van terminal going to places to the direction of Midsayap and Cotobato City. Took our late lunch in one of the restaurant inside the mall,had the our farewells, and now I’m all alone to continue my adventure, not in Cotobato City but in Midsayap, North Cotobato. (where Asik-Asik Falls is nearest).I have a feeling that I should be in the area before too late at night because of what my friend suggestions are and what the hell the our taxi driver said about Cotobato. So I approached the van driver and the barker (the one who call for passengers), if there will be an accomodation in Midsayap around the terminal where the double tire jeepneys are in. They said Yes, alot. They assured me that it will be safe. Luckily I am the last passenger, and usually it takes hours 4 hours waiting time in ordinary day. Its holiday tomorrow so the people are going to their hometowns.

Don’t cha worry Child.
I paid 290 pesos for the fare from Davao City to Midsayap crossing. Leave the SM Ecoland at 3:45pm. While on transit, a girl beside me ask me if I am sure that I will go to Asik-Asik Falls. And I answered her gasping YES. Hahaha. She discussed me a lot of matters and giving me some points of how will to be in Asik-Asik. Her name is Kathy, she is from Dado, Alamada, North Cotobato. Even Kathy have to sleepover with her Aunty because there are no available public transportation going to Dado in the afternoon. She took away my worries about Cotobato. She said that even that Asik-Asik Falls is just few kilometers away from their home, she haven’t been there.” It will take a lot of effort for me.” she said. We just had one pitstop in Kidapawan City, and I bought there some chips because I know its gonna be along drive.

***last trip of vans usually is upto 5pm but be sure to have the earlier depart because of chance of cancellation of trip. And buses are available at the Ecoland Bus Terminal.

Midsayap, North Cotobato.
As we arrived at around 8:30pm at the junction of Midasayap, drivers of motorcycles and habal-habal are around and offering for a ride. So Kathy said it will be better if I will be going with her, and she will just drop me in one of the hotel near the market. Van terminal is few meters away from where I dropped. To describe the situation of Alamada, it was too much different from what other people had said about Cotobato. Thereโ€™s a Jollibee LOL! Colleges students are around and its more lively than in Bagac, Bataan. A ten peso ride upto Hotel Angelo. A lot of accommodation around the area, but I am so dead tired so I donโ€™t want to explore anymore. Hotel Angeloโ€™s rate for single standard aircon room is 650, with cable TV and H&C shower. 650 will be too expensive for me, so I asked for a discount, but she said sheโ€™s not the owner so she canโ€™t have a discount for me. But I donโ€™t give up, had a conversation again, asked informations, and used a charisma. Viola!!! โ€œTeka nga, tawagan ko si Doc.โ€ Having their conversation in bisaya, I have understood some and finally the owner allow me to just pay 500php. Wi-Fi connection is good even inside the room. And I also asked the guard and the receptionist if they have any contact of a habal-habal driver that willing to service me up to Asik-Asik Falls. Prepare for a sleep. Tomorrow is another day!

Itโ€™s Adventure Time.
A phone call from the guard woke me up. He told me that he contacted his neighbor named Jun (0907-624-8459). I get down and started to bargain. The rate of the habal-habal ride two way from Midsayap โ€“ Asik-Asik Falls is 1000-1500php. But because of tight competition of habal-habal ride, I got his service for 800php. So the deal is on, so I ate my breakfast in one of the 39ers eatery. many foodstals and Halal eatery are around because there is a university and muslim community nearby. Back to hotel and pack my things. Its impossible to be back in Hotel around 12noon-checkout so I just bring my things with me (a 35lit bag for 5 full days).




How to get to Asik-Asik Falls
My 800php can be cut to almost half if I will take a public transpo, but I am more valuing the time more than just the price I will be saved. So its up to you what will you choose.

1. As Kathy (my seatmate last night) and the hotel receptionist had told me. I can ride a jeepney (double tire) that is carrying a lot of supplies from the Market of Midsayap to Dado, Alamada. Usually take 1-2 hours(around 170,might be a topload ride), a lot of stop over before to get there. Then from Dado you will take a habal-habal ride, but they didnโ€™t mention for the price because they havenโ€™t been there. Jeepneys start to leave the Midasayap at around 9am-10:30am. Thatโ€™s why its hard to get back in Midsayap on the same day because of limited public transportation they have.

2. Another option is to ride a double tire jeep to Alamada, then habal-habal again upto Dado, then again habal-habal again or you may deal again to your driver if they willing to go all the way to Asik-Asik Falls. Forgive me I forgot to write down the rates.

3. A two hour habal-habal ride from Midasayap to Asik-asik Falls vice versa.



*Sign boards are seen saying. Registration of the tourist going to Asik-Asik Falls is at the Municipal Hall of Alamada, but I donโ€™t read about this before so we just continue to the falls, and thereโ€™s also a registration, but they didnโ€™t issue a receipt. But if you already have the receipt of registration from Municipal you will just log your name in their record book. Fee: P40php (not sure).


Donde Si Jep: Asik-Asik Falls
From hotel, we leave at around 8am and filled the single motor with 200php gas. The motor is a big and can ride upto 3 passengers. My driver is in full gear so Kuya Jun is ready for a ride. LOL.
Short talks and ass numbing ride, he is wearing a helmet so itโ€™s hard to talk to him and he need to focus on the road. 60% of the road we traveled are in concrete, and sort of mud and bumpy along the way. As we travel I can feel the cooling breeze of air, the roads becoming less populated by cars and trucks, big jeepneys with full of loads upto the top. The sunshine is blocked by the clouds and the views becoming greener and greener. Getting nearer to Dado, Alamada, the roads are becoming more bumpy and after passing the school and market; the mud and rocky road going up the hills and mountains was so intense. Two hours! Past 10am when we finally arrived to the registration site. Relaxed myself for couple of minutes, sign up and go. I just let my driver rest so I went down alone. The trail is easy and passing by a convenient store/house then a Gate, the arrow pointing in some other direction so I got lost for a moment (natawa ako sa arrow).
Getting down, you can see the greeny landscape, can hear the pounding water. Erosion are seen, and the stairs. I took maybe 10 mins to get down on that stairs. I hate this kind of trail walks.




โ€œAy ang ganda pala talaga!โ€. WOWed twice. Its bigger what it looks like in the pictures. Like a water walls. Itโ€™s unique feature is truly a world class. As I approached the falls I can see now the other visitors (local). There is a wood table ifront of the falls and can be use free of charge. There is a small sari-sari store but only limited refreshment is sold. Water from the free flowing faucet is drinkable. Usually the people who come here were the locals from Midsayap and nearby and very few foreigners are going here maybe because of the news. Oldies and kiddos are all enjoying the falls, the rapids are not that strong so its safe for the kids, but should be guarded by parents/guardian at all times.




IMG_9205-0.JPGThe place is guarded by the Barangay Tanods about two of them, wearing uniforms and a jungle bolo with them.
Photo ops are okay so I need now the obligatory selfies and portraits. So I asked someone to have me picture on a certain portion of the fall. Had small talk and she was surprised that I am from Manila and solely had my adventure in Cotobato. She asked me if I am not afraid from what I heard and seen about Cotobato. I gave her smile (pacute lol) and answered: โ€œWala naman po ako ginagawang kasalanan sa kanila, kaya hindi ako dapat matakot.โ€. replied me โ€œ Tama yan, enjoy mo lang. Tapang mo ahโ€. Continue with the phot ops and said my farewell to the falls and to the one stranger Iโ€™ve talked to. I stayed there for 45minutes.




And the heat is on!
If I can only stay on the canopy of the Asik Asik Falls until afternoon but I have to go and explore the Cotobato City before sunset. 30 minutes of extensive heat while climbing up the man made stairs. As I went up Iโ€™ve talked to some of the visitors going down the falls and one of the remarkable is that Muslim mom. She talked to me in Bisaya, maybe she thought I am a bisaya, I answered her because it was just a common questions that I am prepared to answer. But a follow up question is too hard to understand so I said โ€œTagalog po ako.. haha.โ€ She just asked if the falls is beautiful and if thereโ€™s a picnic tables. LOL nahuli ako! Again she asked me where I came from, why Iโ€™m alone and why I am not afraid. Same questions, same answers, over and over again. She said her goodbyes: โ€œSige na, and enjoy mo ang Mindanao.โ€. Sweet words! I also encountered a two teens, who also asked a question in Bisaya, but Iโ€™m too busy breathing in exhaustion. So I ask them in Tagalog, again the questions lol. And she said, I should waited for her. Itโ€™s just a joke but patola ako, โ€œOO nga sayang, next time may puntahan pa kasi ako.โ€




Finally Iโ€™m backed to the registration site. After a while we headed back to Midsayap, but I aske him to stop over in a eatery because I am so hungry and I feel so tired. We stopped at Alamada and treat him a lunch. Gas up the motorcycle again worth 100php, so a total of 300php and gave my balance of 500ph. And then ask him to drop me in the van terminal going to Cotobato City, where my next adventure is awaiting.





I Know How To Enjoy ;)